Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We have been so busy that I haven't had the chance to post about one of the FUNNEST (yes I know it's not a word) weekends I've had in a while. Last Saturday Ella and I were settling in for a lame evening of bread making and Oprah re-runs on the TiVo, when I got a phone call from my friend Caity. First - it was odd that she called my house phone. I don't even know that number. Second - it was odd that after our usual pleasantries she informed me that she and her husband were kidnapping my husband to Wendover and if I ever hoped to see him again I should probably come too. So, though I was elbow deep in yeast and flour, I fed the baby and packed up for the adventure of my life! It may or may not have happened that way...

Since Caity is an Uber-cool blogger, go to her blog to read about the adventures we had. There is no way I could describe it any better.

The Wonderful Wendover Adventure

And for some extra laughs, click here.

photo cred and blog cred - Caity


caitlin said...

We are so rad. But I am now laughing hysterically because your word verification is having me type "retardso".

Whatever I think we're cool. You guys made that trip so fun. I am so glad you could come. We don't see you guys enough. So for our next spontanious (sp?) adventure let's hit Mesquite for some golf? (Can Ella golf yet?)

Molly said...

That is so funny! I read Caity's rendition and it sounds like you guys had so much fun. I would have never thought of driving to Wendover. But that is a pretty cool sculpture, and I have to be honest--in all the years I'd driven across that blasted desert, I've always wanted to stop and see it up close. I'm a tiny bit jealous. Ha!

Hilary said...