Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm Getting Stupider

Pregnancy kills brain cells. I am living proof. I thought some of my intellect was coming back in the two and a half months since Ella was born, but today I proved myself wrong. I used to be the "go-to-girl" for computer questions and technology stuff, but now... well, read on.

Today I was bound and determined to email Caity some photos from our "date" last night, expecially since she didn't believe that I would. So I dug the camera cord out of the office (actually Jon did that for me) and figured out how to plug it in the camera. I fiddled with buttons and checked my computer hard drive, but iPhoto would NOT come up and the computer wouldn't recognize my camera. SO FRUSTRATING! I was seconds away from cursing my Mac (blasphemy!) then calling Jon, but when I stood up to get my phone, I realized the OTHER end of the cord wasn't plugged in to the computer. Duh. I want my brain back!


caitlin said...

I thought you would! I just ask people for pictures sometimes and they don't think about it. The only reason why I think to, is because I work around photos all day, and have plenty of time at work. Sorry! I hope I didn't stress you out!

(p.s. I do stuff like that all the time :)

Molly said...

HAHAHAHA! That is so funny! You poor girl.

MisterE said...

Perhaps there was a wild Emu on the loose to distract you. Yeah, that sounds good.