Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mom Update

Thanks to everyone for your love and support. Just wanted to let you know that my mom came out of surgery around 11:30 Thursday night. The surgery went well and the doctor said it was a very good thing she decided to do it because they found an aneurysm on the aneurysm - crazy. So, it's a miracle she made it this far and that she found it when she did.

Now we're all breathing a half sigh of relief that the worst is over. Now she's in recovery and doing very well. The healing process is going to be a long road for her, but she is an amazing person and such a trooper. She's scheduled to come home on the 14th. Yay!


Jess said...

I'm glad it went well! You guys are in our thoughts and prayers.

caitlin said...

I'm glad everything is good. If we can do anything, please let us know!

(p.s. it was good vegging with you guys the other night)

Esther said...

Wow, they found another one? That's a blessing she went in when she did. I'm glad she's doing well!

Amy & Clark said...

I'm thinking about you are your sweet mom! I'm glad that things are going okay so far.

On another note, how is the momma-to-be doing?