Friday, April 24, 2009

Mom Update Again

Sorry I haven't kept up on my mommy update ... I've been super busy and having fun with my family. First of all, Mom is doing really well. She had some difficulty coming home, but now she's been home for just over a week. Her back was hurting because of blood in the spinal fluid that settled in her lower back. She says that's more painful than the actual surgery!

Now her color is coming back, she's out and about, and she's recovering well. I really want to get a picture of her "Halloween" scars (as she calls them) so you can see how cool she is. The staples were taken our a few days ago, so unfortunately I can't show you that. But stay tuned... I'll see what I can talk Mom into! Thanks for your support, everyone. It means a lot.

Mom, we're so proud of you. Your decision to have the surgery was a scary one, but we are so thankful you did it for you, for us, and for everyone who loves you!


Hilary said...

SO glad to hear she's doing well! Love you!

Amy & Clark said...

Such good news. I'd been wondering about things and am happy to know that she is home and recovering well.

Here's to having only a month left of the school year!

caitlin said...

I'm glad she's recouperating. Let us know if she needs anything!