Sunday, March 29, 2009

Long Week

This has been a VERY long week. Emotionally, financially, physically, socially... all around just long. Yesterday Jon and I were feeling the effects of such a long week, and in a matter of minutes we had decided to throw it all to the wind and move to Tonga. We fantasized about selling all our worldly possessions, telling our bosses to shove it, and saying goodbye to family and friends (don't worry, we'd cry a lot... for a minute or two!).

It would be wonderful to live where the people are so generous and kind, where we could weigh 300 lbs and no one would care, and where grass huts are pretty much standard. Plus I've always wanted to learn how to make flower leis and dance with my hips (I'm not so coordinated). And, there would never be snow. Hallelujah.

So I was ready to price out grass huts and plane tickets when Jon shot down my idea:

"What about the baby?"

Oh, yeah.


MisterE said...

I am glad that you too had a long week. Well..maybe glad is not the right word, but it seems that this month has been full of long, stressful weeks. My first thought after a long taxing week is that I could easily move to Tahiti and thats not very far from Tonga.