Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bonnie Needs...

This is a little "challenge" I got from my sister Connie. Hers was hilarious, so I thought I'd try it. All you do is google "YOUR NAME needs" and post the top ten answers. So, here's what I need:
1. Bonnie needs an mp3 player (actually true! Mine is in an airport somewhere)
2. Bonnie needs back surgery (this is a story about an abused german shepherd...)
3. Bonnie needs to do some soul-searching about the sacrifices she's willing to make...
4. Bonnie needs to pee (also true most of the time!)
5. Bonnie needs an adoptive family (also about a DOG!)
6. Bonnie needs a Wii (hmmm... not a bad idea)
7. Bonnie needs a battery
8. Bonnie needs to eat (yes, yes I do)
9. Baby Bonnie needs a forever home (yet another dog entry)
10. Bonnie needs sleep. (Oh yes, so true)

Kinda creepy how true some were... apparently I have the name of some needy dogs, though. Thanks mom and dad.

So, what do YOU need?


ConnieStance said...

I am glad you did it. My favorite... #3 You do need some soul searching about the sacrifices you are willing to make. TONGA? seriously, search a little more before you consider such choices. Be realistic, come to Logan. (or just take us to Tonga with you.)

Molly said...

"Molly needs a stylist" (re: The Bachelor).

Yes. Yes, I do.

emily said...

HA HA HA I typed in Emily needs and there were 5 other blogs named Emily doing the same game. there were 2 about emily needs some one to eat with and 1 about cheetos of course. and my favorite--emily needs assistance with everything--dressing toileting feeding. Thank goodness that's not true, but if it comes true i'm blaming YOU!!

Bonnie said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and had to comment ... only because my name is Bonnie too and so this post was kinda fun for me !! Apparently I need the same things as you ...