Sunday, December 28, 2008


So, we were sure we were having a boy, so we had the perfect name picked out! Then... we found out the truth. Don't get me wrong - we're THRILLED to the brim about our new little friend. But, we can't agree on a name. (Sound familiar Jess and Gavin?) All I know is these are the names I will NOT name my daughter:

Online baby name sites are SO bizarre. Any ideas that you like?


Brian and Lauren said...

THE BEST baby name site is I am sure that you hear a million names being a teacher- but here are a few cute girl ones :)

Avery, Addison, Emmeline, Makenna, Briley, Annabelle, Lola, Lucy, Katherine (Kate), Sophie, Afton, Arden, Josie, Brielle, Cambria, Avonlea (pronounced Avon-lee from Anne of Green Gables), Blythe....the list goes on and on- lol :)

caitlin said...

I have always been fond of Bertha. Ooh or Birtha (cause you know.. you are giving birth.)

I can't wait to meet her!

Jess said...

Good luck! We named London on day 2 in the hospital, but we didn't fill in the paperwork until right before we left the next day! It's a lot of pressure naming a kid! You guys will do great though!