Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer Vacation

We had the chance to get away to lovely St. George for the 4th of July. Those of you who are from around here are probably thinking, "WHY would you go from hot to BLAZING hot?" We wondered that as well. But we braved the insane weather and even more insane gas prices to be with our family. It was so fun. We even took Jovi with us, and she was such a good puppy!

Our family rents out an old pioneer house in Historic St. George for a few days every summer. Don't worry, it's been renovated and has a sweet pool and tennis court, so we had everything we needed right there! Plus St. George had a killer fireworks show for the 4th and we made the once-a-year stop at the Zion Outlets (love them). It was a relaxing weekend full of swimming, tennis, sun, hiking in Snow Canyon and cousins. Yay for family reunions! Here are a few pictures:

Candace, Sarah, Connie, Me and Jovi in Snow Canyon
My twin, Katie, getting ready to play Fear Factor and eat sardines or something. Ew.Milo wasn't so sure about playing Fear Factor - stinky fish!
Jovi doesn't love water yet, and I'm pretty sure we scarred her for life by throwing her in a few times.
The preppy and the puppy.
Staci doing a mean trick on the water skateboard.
Jon is training for the summer Olympics 2012. Uh... perfect ... 10?!
Saige being brave and jumping to Heather - Yahoo!
Family fun in the pool: Connie, Mom, Dad, and Katie.
Ahh... this is the life!

So, where did you go (or where will you go) for Summer Vacation?


Where is MY Captain Wentworth?!?! said...

Looks like you had a blast Bon! It is so crazy to see your cute family all grown up! :)Life just flies by sometimes. See ya soon!

MisterE said...

Looks like fun. Although I feel bad for poor little Jovi in the water.

As for my vaca I went to Hawaii, it was my first time there and I loved it!

Summer Rocks!!

Tara said...

So good to see you last night!

Love the family pictures! Can't decide which is more fun - Milo and the headband or the preppy and puppy :)

Bugs said...

It's fun to see so many smiles. That's what summer is all about, oh yeah and families too!