Sunday, May 25, 2008

Big Girl Victory

There are very few times it actually pays to be bigger than the average teenager. Last night was one of those rare occasions and I was laughing my head off the whole time. My twin sister separated by 12 years, Katie, took me to a Tally Hall concert (above). We discovered them last year when they opened for Guster (my favorite!) and Katie Bug found true love. I decided last year that I loved going to concerts with her because she is so much fun. I also knew a few things going into the concert -
1. It was in Provo so I would be surrounded by Zoobies.
2. Tally's following is high school/college - so I would easily be the oldest fan.
3. The concert was at Velour, a relatively small club, so there would be some "spot defending" going on. :) BRING IT.

Katie was so excited to go. She knows all the words to every Tally Hall song and we were dancing and screaming and having fun just anticipating the band's opening song. Her friend Macey (word, Macey) had never been to a rock concert, so I wanted this one to be great for her. There were 3 opening acts (UGH!!) which were cruel and unusual punishment. One band, Caroline Liar, was actually entertaining. But as the time for Tally Hall to come on approached, more and more people crammed in.

Granted, the place wasn't packed. But people started sneaking in and trying to get as close as possible. Now, I couldn't really care less if I made eye contact with the band or caught some of their sweat. But my girls wanted to be early so they could do so. There's something about a musician that is SO awesome when you're a teenager. A bunch of little leeches tried to get in front of my sister and her friend Macey who had been there for 2 hours already. And no little 18 year old 100 pounder was going to stop them from doing so. So, I'm not going to lie, the mother hen instinct kicked in a bit.

Katie and I are nearly six feet tall. But Macey is, shall I say... vertically challenged? And she's super sweet and kind. (The perfect target for spot-stealers!)
One such chick saw Macey's kindness, and stealthily tried to wedge herself right in front of Macey. We would have none of that, so I told Macey to move to her right and stick her elbow out. Ruthless? I think not. She had earned that spot and I convinced her of that fact, although the whole time she kept looking at me with a guilty little face. She earned that spot and I wasn't going to let a blonde, passive-aggressive zoobie rob her of it. (Macey later told me it was probably the first mean thing she's ever done. Should I be proud of that influence?? I am because I used to be just like her. Life is easier when you're not a doormat!)

The little snot and her boyfriend proceeded to jab Macey girl in the back with appendages and call her names. OH NO YOU DIDN'T! So I traded Macey places and completely blocked the girl out with my stout frame. YEAH! She tried, and he tried, with all their might to mosh me out of place. Hmmmph. Ain't no thing. When she kept calling me names, I turned around and said something to the effect of "Were you here all night like my friends here? That's what I thought. Keep trying." So they threw a fit and kept trying to bully me for another hour, but eventually gave up and found a new crowd to pick on.

Part of me feels a little guilty for not acting "Christlike", especially in PROVO. But the look of awe on those girls' faces at being so close (and undisturbed) to their idols made it completely worth it for me. I remember being just like them and I loved having the chance to witness it in my little sis. (And I must say it was refreshing to stick it to a skinny girl for once!)

I love you Katie!


Heather Smith said...
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Bugs said...

Big girls rock! I wish I could have been there to use some of my mad basketball skills on them. You could have had the whole front row to yourselves. I wish I could pass as young and exciting but no luck, I am stuck at home with kids.

caitlin said...

Ahh, a girl after my own heart. Bonnie, it seems like everytime I go to a concert stupid little skinny girls are being.. well stupid. I am always bugged, so I am proud you stepped up! (thanks again for last night. So fun!)