Sunday, May 25, 2008

27 years young

This post is a continuation of the one below it... I just had so many realizations that I couldn't put them all in one post!

So I went to a rock concert last night with my kid sister Katie and her friend Macey. They're 15. I'm 27. That's not normal. But I had an absolute blast. I was by far the oldest person there, except for the creepy guy in the back wearing a hawaiian shirt who probably still goes to the singles' ward somewhere in Provo even though his hair is graying. Ew. Some girls in front of us guessed I was 21... not too bad for an old lady!

Something keeps drawing me back to the sweaty, absurdly loud concert scene. I have always loved concerts. I think I have had a thing for musicians (judging by my past dating experiences) and it's just fun to go crazy with a bunch of people you'll (hopefully) never see again. Tally Hall (the headliner) is a group of boys just out of their teens that wear dress shirts and coordinating ties. Their shows include everything from xylophones and megaphones to flying bananas and white-boy rap. They're very fun and silly. For that reason they appeal greatly to the high school/college scene and will probably never stray far from that.

Because of that, I did feel a little out of place. I showed my age and even wore earplugs for part of the show (I'm ashamed to say) and hoped no one would notice. The responsible adult part of me kicked in and I worried that the speakers would affect my hearing down the road. (Who does that at a concert?!?!) I couldn't help but think that most people my age are home with their kids or sleeping (like my husband).

But until I have kids and am forced to stay at home, I will keep going to concerts with my Katie. Good musicians are passionate about their music and love what they do. I love being able to enjoy someone else's passion for what they do - be it art, dance, music, food, etc. It reminds me of my own hobbies and talents and inspires me to be better. Even if there are flying bananas and sweaty people all around me!


Jess said...

Sounds like fun! And I'm ashamed to admit that when I went to the Ben Fold's concert I wore ear plugs for all the opening bands. (I had to be able to truly hear my Ben Fold's...but I worried about my hearing for the hours leading up to him!)

Shelly said...

Being the wife of an audiologist, I just have to comment that he would be very proud of you for wearing earplugs. Who cares if you look like an old lady at a kids' club, at least you aren't a 27-year-old who needs hearing aids from being at WAY too many of those concerts!! Plus, you of all poeple should understand the relationship between the ears and dizziness and balance problems and we all know you do NOT need your equilibrium upset(wasn't there a big earthquake in Sandy ten years back?!?). As for staying up late at a concert, I stayed up late cuddling with a 2 1/2 week old baby and no concert in the world could ever match that!!