Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm so getting fired.

So, you may ask, "Why is there a stapler on your blog?" That is a very good question... one I wish I didn't have to address. But I just have to get this off my chest and into cyberspace. We had a Thanksgiving feast in my first grade classroom - complete with paper hats, apple turkeys, and a little smorgasbord of parent-donated, store-bought treats. Sounds lovely, right?

It would have been, but my team teacher was out with a sick child and I was stuck with either explaining the party to a clueless sub, or putting all FIFTY kids in my room. I opted for the latter, which proves my insanity. The kids were working on their hats and I was rushing around, helping parents and kids and organizing chaos. As I was reaching over kids and stapling their hats, a parent asked for the stapler. In my clumsiness, I dropped my five-pound stapler on a child's head. Not just on her head, but on her FOREHEAD because she was looking up at me as she always does. She immediately wailed and I escorted her out in front of 49 other kids and 10 mortified parents.

I am a terrible person.

She went to the office and lay down with an ice pack, only to return 5 minutes later with a goose egg on her forehead and a huge grin on her face. First graders are so forgiving.
And when she was asked what she was thankful for, what did she say?


I nearly bawled. Gosh, I love my job.
(a picture of the victim will be included in a later post... after permission is granted :) )

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Halloween?

This Halloween we decided to be movers - it was a pretty easy costume! All we needed was a U-Haul full of our belongings, an 8 hour drive to Denver, and comfy clothes! Thanks to our families, friends, ward members, and the grace of God, we made it to Denver and put our things in a storage unit in Aurora, CO. We are very unsure of what is going to happen next, but we're excited to find out.
Here are some things we found out in Colorado -
1. The mountains look very small there compared to Utah - because you're up in the mountains when you're there!
2. Much of Denver is a sweeping prairie - it makes the sky look so humongous!
3. You have to have coins on hand at any moment - or else you have to take an envelope and mail a check for 75 CENTS to an office in Denver if you don't want a $200 fine. :)
4. Don't trust any ads that look too good to be true - they probably are.
5. Fast food italian is never a good idea.
6. We can make it through any tough changes because we have each other!